Discover why performance email marketing is the key to winning new customers and market share this year.

6 Epic Reasons Performance Email Marketing Will Rule in 2022

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Who is Madrivo?

Madrivo is a performance-based marketing agency dedicated to multichannel customer acquisition solutions. Our unique services feature an exclusive network of vetted traffic sources that respect your brand while delivering quality and high-converting consumers.


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Why email is still the top dog in customer communication and sales.

How a new player in town, performance email marketing, offers better ROI than traditional email and direct access to your ideal customer

The 6 reasons why you should be doing performance email marketing to GET QUALIFIED LEADS and MORE CUSTOMERS.


Industry Reports

In 2020, Campaign Monitor’s Benchmark report called out a 13% increase in email open rates and an average click-through rate of 2.6%*. Needless to say, while 2020 and 2021 were eventful years for many reasons, they also solidified the importance of email in our communications and cemented email’s place as a core medium for direct marketing and advertising efforts. 

But while email has secured its place among top marketing channels, there’s a leaner, better email player in town — one that saves your money, gets you better ROI, and equips you with all the benefits of email marketing and then some. Who is this player? Performance email marketing. 

As businesses get back on their feet and recover from 2020, performance email marketing will be the tool that skyrockets them back into the black and drives more new customers than ever, at a lower cost. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the 6 epic reasons why performance email marketing will rule in 2022 below..