Tired of trying to muddle together 15 different analytics programs to show how valuable your marketing is? Check out this whitepaper to learn if comprehensive marketing attribution is actually possible. 

The World of Comprehensive Success Attribution: Impossible or Misunderstood?

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How upfront audience segmentation makes attribution easy.

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Why performance email marketing is the solution to your attribution and acquisition nightmares.

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Who is Madrivo?

Madrivo is a performance-based marketing agency dedicated to multichannel customer acquisition solutions. Our unique services feature an exclusive network of vetted traffic sources that respect your brand while delivering quality and high-converting consumers. Learn more about our variety of performance-based marketing solutions and customer acquisition services.

A Small Excerpt

In a world of customer segmentation, multichannel marketing, and numerous customer touchpoints, it’s hard to believe that you can correctly attribute your marketing efforts to customer conversions. Couple that with the ever-changing tracking pixels and privacy requirements coming from large advertising platforms like Facebook or Google, and marketing success attribution can feel like an impossible task. So much so, it’s enough to make you pull your hair out!

The truth is, while marketing attribution can be notoriously difficult, without it you can’t make informed decisions on what’s working and what’s not. Without attribution, it’s hard to tell which efforts, tools, partners, and campaigns are bringing in a return on investment, which content pieces are speaking to your audience, which ads are driving traffic, and which marketing tactics are working. You need full-funnel attribution to map the customer journey and to see just how your efforts are directly related to the bottom line of conversions and new customer acquisition. Without attribution, you’re up a creek, without a paddle, so to speak. So what do you do?

You try to muddle together 15 different analytics programs to show just how valuable your work is. It still feels impossible but there’s no other option, right?